From Confusion to Clarity: Unlocking Web3’s Potential


Streamlining User Experience in a Fragmented Landscape

In the convergence of traditional finance and the Web3 space, users are left juggling multiple platforms to manage their assets. This fragmented landscape demands a revolution.

Why it matters:

With nearly 2000 DeFi platforms and over a thousand distinct blockchains existing in 2024, it’s time to refocus on what truly matters: the user experience.

The Big Picture:

It feels as though every developer is busy launching their own Layer 1, Layer 2, and now Real World Asset platforms, expecting users to constantly cross-bridge with every new protocol. The reality is that people are exhausted from spreading themselves thin across various platforms.

  • Fragmented Services: This fragmentation leads to a poor user experience, where individuals must juggle between banks, crypto exchanges, DeFi, and RWA services, not to mention the bridges between blockchains.
  • Siloed Ecosystems: Users are often restricted to using project-specific tokens, which can suffer from volatile pricing.
  • Tedious Asset Transfers: Managing assets across different protocols is cumbersome and inefficient.

And the Old World?

Many citizens in developed societies already have accounts with banks or Neobanks for deposits, broker access for ETFs, and have been forced onto early crypto exchange platforms in pursuit of fleeting bull runs.

What users are saying?

Our survey and risk profiling information since 2021 reveal that users desire fewer coins and more comprehensive solutions. They want a service that offers a clear range of investment products, including the simple purchase of digital assets, best-in-class custody, and a straightforward DeFi or RWA offering, all in one place.

Consolidated Web2 Services for optimal user satisfaction

Between the Lines:

At TradeTogether, we champion the idea of Web3 wealth management. Listening to our users has led us to believe that breaking down these silos, including access to ETFs, is crucial. Since the registration of our Fund Vehicle schemes for Accredited Investors in 2021 and our applications for multiple licenses across the globe, we have been proactive in consolidating these services by segregating each one and selecting the right partners. Our upcoming tech releases will be the culmination of these efforts, providing an all-in-one user platform that is essential for unleashing Web3’s full potential.
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TradeTogether Takes Over Times Square Billboard

From Southeast Asia to the Heart of New York City

In the last week of May, TradeTogether, popularly known as TT, made a remarkable appearance on the iconic Times Square billboard. This prominent display was part of our participation in Digijanus Podcast Season 2, highlighting the transformative potential of Web3 Wealth Management to the world.

The presentation commenced with the irreplaceable intro of Digijanus, and I, Geoff IRA, had the honor of making the first appearance in this campaign, proudly tagged with our brand. The luminous spectacle reached its pinnacle with the display of Digijanus Founder, Laksh Gangwani, who has tirelessly highlighted disruptive fintech innovations in Southeast Asia for years.

Bringing Web3 innovation to the World’s Most Famous Intersection

Few milestones in an entrepreneur’s journey compare to making your investors, clients, and loved ones proud. Being featured on Times Square’s billboards for multiple days and nights was an incredible honor. Appearing on the world-renowned Nasdaq billboard in Times Square was a momentous achievement.

This prominent display, viewed by over 41 million people annually, aligns perfectly with our ambitious vision. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Laksh Gangwani, DigiJanus, and Nasdaq for this incredible opportunity. Special thanks to Justin T. Shockley for the amazing work and the Janus Team for capturing the vibrant essence of New York City.

A new Era in Web3 Wealth Management

Our Web3 Wealth Management platform is designed to push boundaries, offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates the best of Web3 investing and safeguarding into your daily life. Just as you saw us illuminating Times Square by day and night, our platform is crafted to complement your lifestyle effortlessly.

Don’t miss this episode. These moments are truly special, and we invite you to explore and embrace our cutting-edge technology, no matter where you are in the world (subject to regional regulations). Stay tuned for more exciting developments!


Times Square Shaping Tomorrow's Financial Landscape